building specs

building owner

1745 Broadway Owner LLC
c/o Invesco Real Estate

building area

684,515 SF

number of floors

26 (26th floor is mechanicals and engineering office)

year constructed


slab-to-slab heights

23rd Floor slab-to-slab 12′ 6″
24th Floor slab-to-slab 12′ 6″
25th Floor slab-to-slab 14′ 6″


Interior construction is metal q deck with concrete slabs: exterior, granite panel and glass curtain wall system.


The building contains eight fiber internet service options for tenants to choose from. Providers include: Verizon, Spectrum Business, CenturyLink, Crown Castle Fiber, Zayo, Altice, Verizon Enterprise, and ZenFi Networks. In addition to dedicated fiber service, Verizon FiOs is providing a high-speed, low-cost internet option for tenants. ExteNet Systems is providing service utilizing ZenFi Network’s infrastructure to enter the building. Spectrum Business is offering service over coax. Crown Castle Fiber is capable of providing dark fiber services and Zayo is only providing dark fiber services. The building has multiple points of entry with capacity to support new carriers entering from the street, there is available floor and wall space for additional equipment in the equipment rooms, and the risers contain spare capacity to support new distribution cabling to tenants on each floor.


Verizon, AT&T, Vonage.


Six (6) watts per RSF demand load basis available to tenants. Two (2) bus ducts (one servicing floors 2-14 and one servicing 15-25) carrying 4,000 amps each deliver 400 amps per floor at 480 volts/3 phase service.


The base building air conditioning is provided using three (3) 600-ton York chillers matched to the base building 1800-ton cooling tower. There is an Air Handling Unit on each floor with chilled water coil and an electric coil.

LIfe safety

Class *E” fire alarm; 1745 is fully sprinklered.


12 passenger: 1 freight

retail tenants

Capital One, Gastro Market


lines are 1-block away.
lines a few blocks away.

leed certified


Energy star rated



Air filtration

Merv13 filters


Independantly operated parking garage onsite with 124 spots.

1745 Broadway | New York | NY 10019

© 2022 1745 Broadway

1745 Broadway | New York | NY 10019

© 2022 1745 Broadway